DMV Classic Vented Hard Contact Lens Remover (Blue, 6Packs) Price: $11.99 (as of 09/04/2023 09:23 PST- Details)


The DMV Classic Hard Contact Lens Handler is used for the removal and insertion of Gas Permeable and Hard Contact Lenses. Simple and effective for removing hard and RGP contact lenses. Moisten the cup of the DMV Traditional Remover and gently touch it squarely on the contact lens. The contact lens will adhere to the soft suction cup and will come off the eye easily. After the lens is removed from the eye, gently slide it from the suction cup. The DMV Classic is an excellent choice for Ortho-K lenses and newer large Scleral Lens. Comes with tough clear plastic storage tube. Can NOT be used for Soft Contact Lenses. FAQs: Q. What is the best way to clean a DMV product? A. The manufacturer recommends the use of warm soapy water for washing our natural rubber products. Harsh chemicals should be avoided and petroleum products could cause the rubber to swell. The rubber products may be autoclaved or radiation sterilized. Do not autoclave the case as it may become distorted. Q. Does the rubber cause allergies? A. DMV’s rubber formula contains dry powdered latex. It contains no liquid latex. The proteins that cause allergies have been neutralized. Independent laboratory testing has found no detetectable allergens contained in the final vulcanized product.

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